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    Othmar Ammann and the Bayonne Bridge and George Washington Bridge

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    - Structural Study 3 (Cables)
    - MOOC SS2 - Suspension Bridge - Part 1
    - MOOC SS2 - Suspension Bridge - Part 2

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Othmar Ammann and the Bayonne Bridge and George Washington Bridge

Author(s): Maria Garlock and David P. Billington

Institution(s): Princeton University

Description: Themes: Historical Context: the development of Othmar Ammann as a structural artist; Wilhem Ritter and Gustave Lindenthal's influence on Ammann; Two of New York's significant bridges: The Bayonne and Goerge Washington bridges.

From the course: "Structures and the Urban Environment"

Engineer(s): Othmar Ammann

Infrastructure Object(s):

  • Name: Bayonne Bridge, George Washington Bridge
  • Type: Bridge

Materials: Steel

CE Discipline: Structural Engineering


  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: New York
  • Town/City: New York

Demands: Gravity

Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: Identify Othmar Ammann's two greatest mentors and what influence they had; Recall scientific, social and symbolic aspects of the Bayonne Bridge; Recall the scientific, social and symbolic aspects of the George Washington Bridge; Contrast the works of Lindenthal and Ammann, highlighting the different aesthetic and design choices of each designer; Relate the form of a trussed arch bridge to the forces in the structure; Predict how changing the shape of the bridge affects the forces in the cables; Compare and contrast the Bayonne Bridge and the Hell Gate Bridge on the grounds of structural art.

Keywords: Othmar Ammann, Ritter, Lindenthal, aesthetic, technical, politics, crescent, spandrel, trussed arch, spreading arch, constant arch, cable forces, tower size, load factor