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Other Sources of CASCE

Additional sources of information related to the Creative Art of Structural and Civil engineering are available on other websites as follows:

DEFINING STRUCTURAL ART - A Wikipedia entry on structural art can be found here

STRUCTURAL ART TIMELINE - An interactive timeline that represents the structural artists and their seminal works can be found here.

THE ART OF STRUCTURAL DESIGN: A SWISS LEGACY - This website contains a video presentation by Professor David P. Billington who celebrates an influential group of Swiss structural engineers who forged a tradition of bridge-building in the 20th century that united form and function with unprecedented grace. His lecture describes the offerings of an exhibit at the MIT Museum that showcases the works of Robert Maillart, Othmar Ammann , Heinz Isler, and Christian Menn.

FELIX CANDELA: ENGINEER, BUILDER, STRUCTURAL ARTIST - A website that portrays the remarkable thin-shell concrete structures of Candela as pure engineering works of art is found here.

FAZLUR KHAN: STRUCTURAL ARTIST OF URBAN BUILDING FORMS - This website highlights some of Khan's most significant buildings and innovations.

EVOLUTION OF GERMAN SHELLS: EFFICIENCY IN FORM - This website illustrates the relationship between forces and form using examples of German innovative shell design and construction

THE ART OF SPANISH BRIDGE DESIGN - This website provides a window into the culture of creative, passionate Spanish engineers, who designed bridges that are worthy of being classified as structural art.

THE ART OF SPANISH BRIDGE DESIGN - Photos showing models from from the special student exhibition "Art of the Spanish Bridge Design" which were based on many famous works of structural art.