CASCE Workshops

The first CASCE workshop was held in June 2015 at Princeton University, the second in June 2016 at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and the third in June 2017 at Princeton University.

The goals of the workshops were to: (1) understand the culture of various institutions and their challenges and barriers for adoption/adaption of course content; (2) introduce learning objectives, educational content, and the various manners that the objectives and content on structural art can be taught; and (3) build a community of educators around these educational objectives.

The workshop facilitators presented course content that emphasized the creativity of some of the best engineers/designers along with the technical content.  The course material is intended to be disseminated ‘cafeteria style’ where the instructor can pull from a selection of instructional objects that include slides, homework, and interactive demonstrations. Techniques demonstrated at the workshops include collaborative learning, formative assessment, project-based learning, and active learning. The contents of this website enables one to adopt the entire course, or adapted by selecting objects from the most relevant subject that suits a given university’s culture and curriculum.


 Proceedings of the Workshops on the Creative Art of Structural and Civil Engineering detailing the workshop goals, program, and participants. 

Presentations from Workshops