Institutions using this Material

Thirty-eight faculty, representing 19 universities, attended the one of the summer workshops.  Of that group,  20 faculty adapted and incorporated lectures and/or demonstrations into their college-level courses and 1 adapted the course materials for use during a summer workshop with K-12 teachers:

  • Univ. Colorado Boulder
  • Northeastern Univ.
  • Roger Williams University
  • Yale (Architecture)
  • Cal Poly SLO
  • Hampton Univ.
  • Jackson State Univ.
  • Johns Hopkins Univ.
  • Morgan State Univ.
  • Northwestern Univ.
  • Rose Hulman Inst. of Tech.
  • RPI
  • Springfield Tech. Community College 
  • The Univ. of the Arts
  • Univ. of Costa Rica
  • Univ. of St. Thomas
  • Virginia Tech.
  • Western New England Univ.

In addition to the institutions listed above, versions of the course have been taught at Stanford University, Cornell University, Smith College, Penn State University, and Manhattan College.  Other institutions, such as MIT, Syracuse, and University of Maryland, currently teach (or have taught) courses that were heavily influenced by Structures in the Urban Environment.