The Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument

Description: The Social (Social Sciences), Symbolic (Humanities), and the Scientific (Engineering/Math/Physics) are all explored when we attempt to learn more about critique the built world. In comparing two memorial monuments in two cities there can be seen many similarities, but also some key differences. Completed within 4 years of each other, both were the tallest freestanding structures in the world at the time of completion with a sharp contrast in engineering design, with one looking back, the other forward.

Learning Objectives: Introduce the Eiffel Tower as a baseline for structural art and support with other structures

Keywords:  /*-->*/ /*-->*/ iron, masonry, Eiffel, Eads, column, vertical cantilever, moment diagram, stress

Categories: Structural EngineeringUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstPrinceton University, Buildings

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