Félix Candela and the Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Description: Themes: Félix Candela's evolution as a structural artist; Imitation and innovation of observed thin-shell forms; From master builder to structural artist.

Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: Define the hyperbolic paraboloid (hypar) and why Candela favored this form; Describe some of Candela's significant structures (Cosmic Rays, Umbrellas, Milagrosa, Los Manantiales, Cuernavaca, Bacardi Rum Factory); Define difference between "masterbuilder" and "structural artist"; Explain Candela's process of conception of form, calculation, and construction; Describe Candela's evolution of imitation, innovation, inspiration; Contrast the form of the St. Louis Airport Terminal to Candela's Bacardi Rum Factory, and discuss how Candela improved upon the design.

Keywords:  /*-->*/ reinforced concrete, Candela, hyperbolic paraboloid (hypar), vault construction, Cosmic Rays Pavilion, umbrellas, Candelaria, Milagrosa, Los Manantiales, Cuernavaca, Bacardi Rum Factory

Categories: Structural EngineeringPrinceton University, Vaults

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