New Bridge Forms: Christian Menn

Description: Themes: Pierre Lardy's mentorship of Christian Menn; Menn's improvement on Maillart's designs using newfound knowledge of prestressed concrete; Menn's evolution of form in the Feslenau, Ganter and Sunniberg Bridges.

Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: Examine new bridge forms that are possible due to prestressing; Describe Menn's design evolution of imitation, innovation and inspiration; Discuss some of Menn's masterpieces and their relationship to his design goals; Outline the influence of key engineering teachers on theri students (Lardy's students were Menn and Isler; Ritter's students were Ammann and Maillart); Critique structures on the grounds of structural art: efficiency, economy, elegance; Compare and contrast design alternatives based on scientific, social and symbolic criteria; Discuss Menn's aesthetic goals and how this vision integrates structures with their environment

Keywords:  /*-->*/ reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, Menn, Lardy, arched bridge, continuous bridge, cable stayed bridge, evolution of structural artist, Reichenau Bridge, Felsenau Bridge, Ganter Bridge, Sunniberg Bridge, Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

Categories: Structural EngineeringPrinceton University, Bridges

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