The Origins of Structural Art: Telford, Brunel, and British Metal Forms

Description: Themes: Historical context for the beginning of structural engineering as a discipline; Thomas Telford and his works; Early evolution of building material.

Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: Show how definitions and ideals of structural art began; Contrast the works of Telford, Brunel and Stephenson, Describe the features of his structures that make Thomas Telford the first Structural Artist; Apply the criteria for Structural Art: efficiency, Economy, Elegance; Describe the design choices that Telford made to account for the effect of wind on his bridges.

Keywords iron, Telford, Brunel, Stephenson, arched bridge, suspension bridge, hollow box bridge, lenticular truss, tension, compression, span, material density, Iron Bridge, Craigellachie Bridge, Menai Straits Bridge, Saltash Bridge, Britannia Bridge

Categories: BridgesStructural EngineeringPrinceton University

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