The Politics of the Art of Spanish Bridge Design

Description: Themes: The influence of the economic and political climate on engineering works; The dangers of the Bilbao effect and the importance of socially responsible design; Flow of forces in a tied arch bridge and a cable stayed bridge; Characteristics of a bridge hero; The roles of discipline and play in successful structural designs.

Learning Objectives: Students should be able to: Describe the flow of forces in a tied arch bridge and a cable stayed bridge; Understand the relationship between politics, economy and engineering and the responsibility of the engineer in the design process; Discuss the "Alamillo Effect" and formulate an opinion on the tradeoff between cost and aesthetics; Describe the key characteristics of a bridge hero and relate them to the engineers in the previous lectures

Keywords:  /*-->*/ reinforced concrete, steel, Calatrava, Torroja, Ghery, Manterola, Sobrino, Martínez Calzón, Guisasola, Fernández Casado, tied arch bridge, cable stayed bridge, Bilbao effect

Categories: Structural EngineeringPrinceton University, Bridges


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