Architecture and Engineering: Gehry, Schlaich, Calatrava, Virlogeux

Learning Objectives: Learn about the methods of form finding in A&E; Schlaich's invention with cables; Equilibrium an novel structural forms; Virlogeux's forms and innovations

Keywords: cable net, footbridge, titanium, efficiency, elegance, movable bridge, girder bridge, arch bridge, verticals

Baker, Khan and the SOM Tradition of Structural Art in Buildings

Description: Themes: Second Chicago School: Myron Goldsmith, Bruce Graham, and Fazlur Khan; Collaboration in tall building design at Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill; Khan's evolution of form for steel tall buildings.

Chicago and the Birth of the Skyscraper

Learning Objectives: Conditions that give rise to innovation in structure, engineering role of structural innovation in the skyscrabper, the birth of the steel 'skeletal' skyscraper form, structural art of buildings

Keywords: buttress, moment frame, braced frame, knee braced/arched, lateral, wind


Eads, Eiffel and the Forth Bridge (19th century iron and steel bridges)

Keywords: statics, teamwork, quiz, moment, balance, load path, tension, compression, free body diagrams, equilibrium, eiffel tower, cantilever bridge

Earthquakes and Ethics

Description: Themes: Earthquake loads as an element to consider in the lateral design of tall buildings; Techniques employed to mitigate effects of earthquakes; Ethical question of addressing a significant design flaw in an occupied building; Ethical question of designing structures that are publically funded.

Fazlur Khan and Concrete Buildings

Description: Themes: Second Chicago School: Myron Goldsmith, Bruce Graham, and Fazlur Khan; Collaboration in tall building design at Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill; Khan's evolution of form for concrete tall buildings.

Green Buildings and Sustainability

Learning Objectives: Focus on buildings as energy consumers; learn the historical techniques for passive ventilation and Hassan Fathy; learn about green roofs and how they moderate temperature and rainwater conservation; Kenneth Yeang's green skyscraper

High, Wide, and Far

Learning Objectives: To look at what the future has in store with regards to structural art and see how everything is evolving

Keywords: future, skyscraper, structural system, limits, economic, symbolic, critic, suspension bridge, dead load ratio, stiffness, elements, features, roles, limits, stress,...

Introduction to Structural Art

Major structural forms, Materials, Historical impact of industrial revolution, Types of structures, Defining structural art, Evolution of structural artists

Khan and the (Chicago) Skyscraper

Learning Objectives: Learn about the tension between architectural and structural expression in buildings, Fazlur Khan's expression of structure in buildings, stiffness in skyscrapers

Keywords: skyscraper, architectural expression, structural expression, stiffness, load path, lateral force, bracing,...

New Building Forms of Dieste & Isler

Learning Objectives: Learn about the contrast of structural discipline and play; new material of Dieste's prestressed thin shell brick; Isler's thin shells, pneumatic shells, experimental discipline, free form furnicular shapes, and ice shells

New York and the Skyscraper

Learning Objectives: Learn about the role of code and zoning regulations, about modern NYC skyscrapers, architecture, and structure.

Keywords: protoskyscraper, skyscraper, transfer girder, transfer system, gravity, load path, tension, compression, connections, bridging

Structural Comparisons - Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower and the Gateway Arch

Keywords: structural design, efficiency, safety, permanence, arch, moment, force, art

The Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument

Description: The Social (Social Sciences), Symbolic (Humanities), and the Scientific (Engineering/Math/Physics) are all explored when we attempt to learn more about critique the built world. In comparing two memorial monuments in two cities there can be seen many similarities, but also some key differences.

The Gothic Cathedral and the Skyscraper

Description: Themes: Crafted versus engineered construction; Structura generations form versus aesthetics generates form; Parallels between the Gothic Catehdral and the early tall buildings.